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The Zeta Gospel Music and WMNZ

Radio Awards




About WMN Zeta Gospel Music & Radio Awards

The Zeta Gospel Music and Radio Awards is one of the first awards shows to include inspirational national artists but also focuses on independent singers, songwriters, musicians, poets, spoken word, pastors, preachers, and teachers, around the world. There are so many people who have been working in the ministry of the Gospel but have never been recognized. We are providing the venue to do just that! Voted on by the public and our panel of veterans, WMNZ will be able to recognize those people all over the U.S. and abroad, who otherwise would not be considered for an award of such caliber.

Since 2012, The Zeta Gospel Music Awards has been dedicated and devoted to provide an award show that is not built around financial gain for the ministry but built around the acknowledgment of Christ and the anointing He has placed in His people for the advancement of His Kingdom. All events leading up to or on the concert date will always be in a family friendly environment and filled with an atmosphere fellowship.  

What is ZETA?

 The word ZETA depicts what this ministry and award show is about.

 Z = Zeal – Using the knowledge, talent, and craft God has given us with enthusiasm and joy and share it with the artists nationwide and even worldwide.

 E = Empowerment – The Worship and Ministry Network and all of it's entities is available to all people of the artists, whether music, production, video, dance, writers, etc, to give them the tools to continue and advance in their business or ministry.

 T = Togetherness – Providing an environment of fellowship, friendship, artist connections and collaborations, and opportunities.

 A = Aspiration – Aspiring artists to reach milestones and realize their dreams in ministry and industry.   


ZETA's Biblical Meaning:

Zeta (Greek) is the sixth letter of the Greek Alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals, it has a value of 7. Seven is used in the bible to represent an act of "completion" or "perfection. 


 It's your time to be rewarded for the completion of musical works, dance, spoken word, and poetic lyrics, live broadcasts, and etc, God has birthed into your ministry.