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How To Become A

WMNZ Music Group Artist


Getting Prepared:

There's no tried and true way to get a record deal. Talent and connections help, but luck and in our case, the favor of God is what's ultimately needed to have the crowds singing along, calling your name, looking you up, requesting your songs, and buying your music. With patience and persistence, you can grab the attention of the music producers and the public. There are a few things you need to do or atleast consider before you submit your application.


  1. Practice and sharpen your skills. People are blessed with talent but practice is the only way to become a trained artist. It's especially important to practice before programs, concerts, and demos, because nothing captures the attention of a record producer better than a great song.

  2. Display your talents in local concert halls and abroad. Playing to crowds no matter how small will not only help build your following, it will get you noticed. Hundreds of talent scouts roam the small, local hot spots, recruiting new talent for their record companies. Getting spotted by a talent scout will push you to the front of the line at any record company.

  3. Make a demo. A demo enables record labels to hear your music. Make sure the demo has excellent sound quality. A good quality demo will separate yours from the others. Please keep in mind, in gospel music, great professional quality can be achieved after your submitted demos but as for WMNZ, we are looking, yes for a good sounding project, but our focus is on the anointing of God in your music and vocals. We believe the word of God when it says, “From the heart, reaches the heart!”

  4. Most importantly, make sure you really want a music career and you are up to and capable of putting the work in to make it happen.


What are the requirements?

 The requirements for becoming a WMNZ Music Group Artist are very simple. The hard part is having the drive to complete your projects, the zeal to want to succeed, and the stamina to go the distance with us as your representative and record label.


How do you apply?

 1. Fill out the new artist application

 2. Submit artist biography

 3. Submit artist previously recorded album or demo (2 Song Minimum)

 4. Complete an over the phone (Conference Call) interview

 5. Allow some of the company executives to see you perform live

 6. Wait to see if there are any slots open for new artist for the fiscal year

 7. Anticipate a letter or email of your acceptance or denial

 (NOTE: A denial doesn't mean not ever, it could just mean we have no more slots for the year. Please note that section in you letter for the reason.)

 8. If accepted, Sign the contract

 9. Now, Let's work hard, build your brand, market you around the nation, distribute your projects, and make your music hit the charts.