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WMNZ Services


We are so  happy to announce all of our existing services that we now offer online.  You will not believe what we have to offer all artists, choirs, psalmists, churches, pastors, and all ministries around the world.  One of our main focuses are for the independent and national artists, but trust us, we have something for everybody. 

 Please Call: 213-254-5033 for a package or service quote.


Service List


   * WMNZ Records and Productions (Formally Millsaps Records)

   * RFOM Publishing -  Project Barcodes, Copyrights, and Work Publishing Per Song or Album

   * Three Music Producers - with over 60 years of combined experience

   * Professional Voice-Over Services

   * Music Tracks for Psalmists

   *  Full Service Promo Packages To Reach Your Targeted Audience

   * Press Kits

   * Professionally Rendered Promo Videos

   * Full Color Graphically Designed Websites

   * Z Magazine Promo Pages

   * Logo Design

   * Facebook Cover Image (Banner) Designs

   * Website Advertisement Banners (All Sizes)

   * Graphically Designed Business Cards

   * Advertisement Packages For Our Most Popular Websites

   * Radio Advertisements (World-Wide Coverage)