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A Little About Growing Up and Becoming A Musician / Minister of Music

Felicia L. Millsaps was born on January 13th, 1973 in the City of Chattanooga in Tennessee.  Her mother is a renowned gospel singer, community entrepenuer, and pastor, Evangelist Brenda Millsaps.  Being raised in a single parent household, along with assistance from her grandparents, the late Pastor Joe Q. and First Lady Mary L.Millsaps, she grew up in church.  She was a member of her grandfathers church, Philadelphia Missionary Baptist Church in Chattanooga. At that time, she sang in the youth choir at the church and also sung in her mother's gospel group, the Symbols Of Faith Gospel Singers.  At age 3, Felicia had her first experience with the Spirit of God.  As her mother was praying the "Big Prayer" the Lord's Prayer, she felt the Spirit of God and told her mother she didnt know what it was but that prayer made her cry. 

Before Felicia turned 4 years old, She was diagnosed with epilepsy.  At any time, she would fall out and have a grand mal seizure.  In the process of dealing with her illness, Felicia asked her mother, who was the minister of music at her grandfathers church, "Momma, how did you learn to play the piano?"  Her mother responded by saying, "Baby, I asked God for it" Before her mother knew it, Felicia was picking up chords.  Her mother began to show her all that she knew and Felicia picked it up well and then began adding her own flare to it.

Well by age 9, Felicia was still dealing with her sickness but she was playing one Sunday a month at her grandfather's church.  During that time, Felicia was tired of taking all of the medicine for the illness, plus the doctors told her mother she would never be able to drive a vehical and because of the type of seizures, she would have permenant brain damage on the left side of her brain.  One night, Felicia told her mom that she didnt want to take any more medicine and that she believed if they prayed, everything would be okay.  They sat across from each other, held hands and prayed.  From that time, age 9, Felicia never took another pill for seizures and never had another seizure.

Felicia continued to play for her grandfathers church once and month and by 12 she was asked to come to play a small church, COGIC, where the Rev. L.Pickett was the pastor.   She stayed there for a couple of years and decided to focus on her schooling.  Felicia decided for her sophomore year in high school, she would attend the school of performing arts at Chattanooga High School. After auditioning, she was accepted within days. She went on to take music theory, band, and jazz band where she played drums, acted, played piano, sang, etc under her instructors, the late Mr. Leslie Heard, Mr. Allen Ledford, and Mrs. Marcia Smith.  After one year she decided to go to Howard High School and finish out her education. 

In 1990, at age 17, she was asked to come to the Olivet Baptist Church to become their new minister of music.  She stayed at the Olivet Baptist Church for 5 years. one year under Pastor Robert Richards and the last 4 under Pastor Kevin L. Adams.  During that time, she formed several choirs such as:  The OBC Mass Choir which included all of the choirs in the church as well as the KLA Young Adult Choir.   There was 5 choirs total.

In 1996, she was called to be the minister of music to a then brand new church, The Resurrected Baptist Church.  She helped them in ministry for 2 years and took 6 months off.  She began playing for the New Emmanuel Baptist Church for a year or so.  She then received a call in 2000, that there was a job opening at the Greater Second Missionary Baptist Church.  They had a new pastor and the previous musician had left.  She became the minister of music for over 5 years under Pastor Willie N. Paul. She remained there until December of 2006.  After which, she went to the New Philadelphia M. B. Church which she had previously joined earlier that year. The church was named after her grandfathers church where one of her cousins was pastor and her mother had become the minister of music and co-pastor. 

In 2010, She became the minister of music for the New Philadelphia Missionary Baptist Church, taking her mother's position as her mother was called to the position of pastor.  God has truly blessed this woman of God and is still blessing her mightily. 


Songwriting, Music, Recording and Productions

Felicia & The Millsaps (Mother and Daughter)

Felicia wrote her first song at age 10, called, "Lonely" It was a song that conveyed her physical feelings dealing with her illness and then becoming happy after God delivered her from epilepsy. This song was recorded on her first recording with her mother called, "Praising God Together" in 1987 on an LP.  They went on to do three more mother and daughter albums, "Oh What a Miracle" 1998, "A Gospel Christmas" 2005 and "Power From On High" 2008. 

The Christmas CD and the Power from on High CD was recorded at Millsaps Studio and is on the Millsaps Records label.  Felicia also wrote many of the songs on the Power from on High project and has more than 30 published songs through BMI not to mention song after song she's written and not recorded or had copywrites done yet. (Much more to come)

A Few People Felicia Has Ministered With:

During a 25 year span from 1988 until 2013, Felicia has been on stage with, sang with, or played for: Katie Sankey, Jessie Dixon, Rev. James Cleveland, Shirley Caesar, The Truthettes, The Williams Brothers, The Bolton Brothers, The Lumzy Sisters, Dorothy Norwood, Hasan Green, and James Bignon to name a few.  Also she is very proud to have been on stage with some great indie talent from around the world who has great potential to go national such as: The Unique Sons of Faith, The Sons of Favor, Bernard Jr. and Anchored, Faithful Connection, Daphney Hilton, C Sharp Mokeki, Jasmine LeShea, Trusaint, and many many more. 

About Millsaps Studio and Millsaps Records / WMNZ Music Group

In 2000, Felicia bought more recording equipment and spoke to her mother about starting Millsaps Studio.  Both she and her mother were co-owners.  The studio's vision was to have a place where indie artist could record without paying the high costs of general studio time at other places.  In 2005, Felicia wanted to start Millsaps Records.  That year, Millsaps Records was born and The Millsaps were one of the first to record on the new label later that year. 

Other artists began to record at the studio during 2006 - 2009. One project that is close to Felicia's heart is the project she produced for onc of their artist, Kiawanna, "Set Yourself Free".  She loves working with artists that really has a zeal for doing their best.  A host of recordings and singles were created and completed at Millsaps Studio during that period.

Because of all of the work Felicia has put in for the Worship and Ministry Network, she felt it would be beneficial to the ministry and rename Millsaps Records to WMNZ Music Group.  The merge comes right in time for the new WMNZ Distribution and Marketing Company, which will be in full operation January 1, 2014.

To God Be The Glory For The Things He Has Done, Is Doing and Will Do!